Connect a trading bot

Use your own trading bot and connect the crypto signal for a live trading. We are providing a simple REST API to connect your trading bot to our crypto signals. All requests uses the GET or POST method and will return a JSON formated output


This is the default url from our API. You can send a GET and POST request to retrieve all infos about the last signal.

Premium Endpoint

Free Endpoint

Example Request

A simple example using a PHP script

$api = "https://api.cryptosignals.me/?key=$api_key";
$json = file_get_contents($api);


The response from the request, always in JSON format.

[{"exchange":"binance","market":"USDT-THETA","type":"buy","signal_id":"none","tp":"4","uniqid":"5d93a573609a0","term":"short","date":"2019-10-01 21:13:54","price":"0.08047000"}]

Values infos

  • exchange - Always binance for the moment
  • market - The current market and pair
  • type - Buy or Scalping signal
  • signal_id - To link a scalping signal to a buy signal (optionnal)
  • tp - Take profit value in percentage
  • uniqid - A value to identify the signal
  • term - The estimated duration of the trade
  • date - Date when the signal is sent by our trader
  • price - The last price of the pair when the signal is generated
  • API limits

  • 1 call per second max
  • 1 ip / key max